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used by several housing agencies. officials say between february of 2010 and january of 2011, he was -- he laundered more than $30,000 to his personal account. he faces up to 20 years in prison. hundreds of local students and their teachers are disappointed. there were expecting a visit from a baltimore raven, the company that made the promise never came through. the schools are now out of thousands of dollars. >> and richard henry lee elementary school, students have not lost their loved for the ravens. what happened this month has left a bad taste in their mouth of the principal and head of a number of school-parent-teacher organizations. a company called odyssey group promised a big baltimore ravens players in 17 schools to speak to students about anti-bukkying. ullying. >> that is a terrible blow for children, the disappointment is still there. >> disappointment for student at nine elementary schools, six middle schools, and a high school, and a special education center. the $14,000 used to pay for the failed appearances came from pta's. >> they were very excited. when we tol
nine months instead of just four to come up with his replacement. joe hairston told us he feels good about the job he is done in the last four years, but now he feels like it is time to move on. baltimore county school superintendent kept his announcement short and to the point. he will leave the job when his contract ends next june. 12 years is unprecedented for a school system of this size. we have served in one school system with over 100,000 students for 12 years. >> schmidt would not confirm published reports that the board had already decided not to extend his contract several weeks ago. >> i have no comment on that. it is a personnel issue, and that is a statement about his future as to where he is going, that is for him. >> schmidt praised joe hairston work and announced a search for his replacement will begin immediately. >> i have established a committee to begin to institute the search process in baltimore county for a superintendent to take the reins from dr. hairston in 2012. >> i feel very fortunate that i had an opportunity to experience great kids, a tremendous staff,
. it is an example that highlights the importance of knowing how your kids are using social media and who they are talking to online. >> social media is part of our life today. it is not a bad thing. like any other tool, from the telephone to the automobile, can be misused. >> that appears to be the case in the sexual abuse of two tiers. he used a facebook profile to -- chat with one victim and the e- mail account he told his 13-year-old and 14- year-old the dams that he was 17 and 19. he was 32 during the encounter. one parent believed her child was engaged after she found suspicious messages and phone calls. that is when she contacted police. she did the right thing by knowing what her son was up to. >> the lesson that can be learned is the importance of parents being involved with their kids and knowing what they are doing on the internet. >> there is a fine line between being an attentive parent and being too invasive. she encourages parents with talking to their kids about sprinter's online. >> parents are aware of who they are fretting. -- friending. -- take t
to find jason n. rosa guilty for the killing of rochelle battle. battle's cousin told us family members have prayed for this outcome every day since the teen disappeared in march of 2009. >> it hurts me to my heart that it happened to her. >> it was a complicated case from the very beginning. prosecutors had to prove that grows killed battle, although they were missing one important piece of evidence, her body. >> it was putting together a puzzle and every piece of that puzzle pointed to one result. >> prosecutors said that growth and battle first met in a chat room and the team took a bus from baltimore to mill river to meet him in 2009. attorneys also said that gross applied several times on audio and videotapes that were played for jurors. >> going back to him time and time, explain, because it looks like he met, and he lied each time. each light trap him. >> his main defense was that the case included no physical evidence. investigators did not find her blood, fingerprints or dna in his house or car. his attorneys walked out of the courthouse disappointed, and promising that there w
. while most of us are gearing up for halloween, the winter rebecs could have been looking more like christmas. we start off tonight with meteorologist john collins who is tracking the storm from the weather center. >> so far this evening, the storm has only produced desperately drizzly activity around the baltimore area. the storm center itself, the low pressure center is just taking shape down in the coastal area of south carolina. it will be moving up overnight. that is where the storm will start to pick up some strength. here is the way we expect the storm to behave. the winds will be coming off of the atlantic ocean. the water in the ocean is relatively warm. it will have relatively warm air pushing into the area providing mostly grain for our region right around the metropolitan baltimore area. to r northwest will be a little colder. they expect to get some snow. you can see the white shadings there. as the storm progresses northward, it moves westward. that will bring in a cold air closer to us in the baltimore area. we expect to see a mix of rain by a saturday night. brought
are the things that so many of us are working on so hopefully we'll transform the protests into some partnerships. >> the mayor says so far the protests here have been peaceful and she doesn't anticipate them getting out of hand. but in new york, police arrested 14 people in washington square park for violating a midnight curfew. protesters could be heard chanting as police moved in. authorities say they were warned they would be arrested if they defied that curfew. a picture-perfect day today for the dedication of the martin luther king memorial in our nation's capital. tens of thousands gathered reflecting the man and his dream. >> ♪ we shall overcome ♪ >> on a drill -- brilliant autumn day, dr. martin luther king jr. took his place beside lincoln, jefferson, and washington. >> you will stand among all time among those -- >> tens of thousands attended the official dedication of the king national memorial, an event that weaved together musical tributes with political calls for social justice. >> do what we must do to create a better world. >> it was the celebration of a simple minister stern
a poll on the issue. 77.6% oppose the 10 cent increase in the gas tax even if it would only be used for transportation projects. the number goes up to 80.2% if the money generated could go to things other than transportation. >> it is not just rural maryland, it is across the entire spectrum. >> 78% of those surveyed in western maryland opposed it. 71% in the baltimore suburbs. 69.2% on the eastern shore. 62% of those served in the washington suburbs are against increasing the gas taxd. . in our a sampling, some people liked the idea of using revenues from the tax increase to put people to work. >> baltimore has a lot of potholes. they need to fix the streets. >> but a gas tax increase may have a ripple effect. >> it goes beyond the pumps because consumers are forced to make a decision on spending bill limited revenue that they have available to them. >> "the new york times" reports that census data reports household income fell 6.7%. >> if they raise the maryland gas tax, would you have to budget harder? >> yes. i would not be able to spend money on the things that i need to spend
was frustrated with their presence. >> you guys have been here for a month. >> if you do not yell at us. >> you guys are communists. >> we are not communists. we believe we should have a job. >> this situation ended with a man walking away. we are now just waiting to see if the city will enforce a permit that only allows two people in the park after dark. quite a different scene in oakland, california. despite the class, demonstrators about to reclaim their side. 97 people were arrested and several demonstrators were hurt. among the injured, a 24-year-old marine veteran who served two tours in iraq. he suffered a fractured skull and is said to be in critical condition. more tonightg about president obama's plan to ease the burden of college loan debts. a maximum 10% of barrault's of british borrowers discretionary income would go to payments, not -- a maximum 10% sign of a borrower's of discretionary income would go to payments, not 15%. >> it will save you money. it will help more young people how to figure out how to afford college. it can put more money in your pocket once you graduate. >> t
of the national mall were turned away and pepper spray had to be used. the museum is expected to open tomorrow. occuy wall street was on the move today. the new york times described it as a spirited but conflict free. important to know since hundreds of people have been arrested over the past week. demonstrators are speaking out against corporate greed and the disparity between rich and poor. the protests have cost the department $2 million in overtime. the senate is getting ready to vote next week opposite -- president obama's jobs bill. he used his weekly address today to push for it. the unemployment rate is stuck at no. 1%. he asked americans to ask their senators to support the plan and he accused republicans of standing in the way. >> to any senator out there who is thinking about voting against the jobs bill needs to explain why they would oppose something that we know would improve our economic situation. if republicans in congress think they have a better plan, they should prove it. >> the jobs plan would reduce payroll taxes for workers and employers, expand long-term benefits and sp
us. especially amanda. >> for years, she has maintained her innocence and fought for freedom. on tuesday, she finally won it based primarily on faulty dna evidence that led the appeals court to overturn her conviction. on monday, she broke down when she heard the verdict. now, pictures of joy as she begins her fifth -- as she begins her first days of freedom. >> but it may not be over. back in italy, the prosecution says it plans to appeal the ruling while they say they're no someoneo the cruztruth, else's serving 16 years in prison for the murder. sheriff's deputies were called to the 200 block of mayor barry drive in aberdeen. they found a 21-year-old man shot in the chest. deputies say they discovered another victim. >> we have since located a second victim who was transported in a personal vehicle to the local hospital. he is 23 years old . >> there is no war on the condition of either victim or the possibility of the motive. bail has been denied for gary stokes. he is accused of shooting a social security administration in woodlawn. he is charged with attempted murder an
began sunday in areas more used to raking leaves than shoveling snow in october. >> mother nature played a trick on us. >> a trick that has left as many as three million from virginia to vermont in the dark. as tree limbs fell, crippling power lines and blocking roadways. >> snow hit the trees, hit the leaves, the tree got heavy and a lot of tree damage. >> damage that could take a while to repair. >> we will have extensive power outages. >> snow started falling saturday and smashed records as it moved north, tying up air travel as thousands faced delays and cancellations. passengers on a jetblue flight diverted to connecticut waited seven hours on the plane before being cleared for the terminal. and as residents continued to dig out and frost starts to melt off pumpkins. >> i think we're in for a big, bad winter. >> winter is still more than six weeks away. francis coe, nbc news. >> it won't be long before witches, ghosts and goblins troll around for candy. local police departments want to make sure the kids make it home safely. >> according to the american academy of pediat yikes, pede
there is allegations made there. >> his letter demands the detailed documentation showing how to use the $67 million in federal stimulus dollars. how the housing authority became one entity. he says, they are not. he also wants him from any interest group released to him. the names of all law firms under contract since 2003 along with billing receipts. in the 2009 audit, they found 67 of 69 housing units had a 574 violations. inspectors failed to report 380 violations. in a statement, he says they are good at writing checks and not good at making sure the money is spent as intended. >> i take my job very seriously. we take our jobs very seriously. we think that integrity and confidence is essential to doing our work. to make these general statements without any background, any information is disturbing. >> the mayor's office issued the statement that the mayor will ensure that baltimore housing provides information that hud may seek to obtain. they encouraged to share any specific allegations of wrongdoing so that they can be investigated immediately. reporting live from downtown baltimore, barry sa
to use a stolen atm card. if you recognize this person, you are asked to call baltimore city police. they have arrested one of two inside a hotel. 25-year-old stephen harris is charged with assault and reckless endangerment. he and another man forced their way into the motel 6 while two men were asleep inside of their route. one of the victim the state, and the other was robbed. police are still looking for the other suspect. text messages any secret record a conversation took center stage today in the murder trial of a baltimore county man. the body has never been found, but that is not stopping prosecutors for making a case. thefts >> this is the initial videotaped interview as police began the investigation. >> he admits talking to battle on the phone on an adult chat line. he planned to meet her on the boomers bar. case prosecutors are relying on technology, phone records, surveillance video, and gross's own words to prove that he took her to the house, killed her, and burned her body in an incinerator. he said this text message to his friend. i saw you friday night. i need you
prompted the tragedy. >> family and friends had a final goodbye to a baltimore to get his deal today. u.s. marshals tried to bring the alleged killer back to maryland. brian jackson was attacked inside his home -- ryan jackson was attacked inside his home. the body was later found in south baltimore. detectives caught up with orton in alabama. he spoke to a reporter as he was led to tell. >> his wife was with him in alabama. she was also arrested for tendering in the resting -- resisting arrest. a man accused of killing a john hopkins researcher will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge gave john wagner the maximum sentence. stephen pitcairn step to death while he was on the phone with his mother. during the trial, his mother testified about hearing his son's murder. >> it is hard to move on the with this. hopefully it will bring them a little bit of peace. i have to move on with their life. >> the family dispute -- declined to comment after the sentencing. >> the alleged trigger man and the higher -- murder for hire of a gas station owner goes on trial. barry simms is at the s
in the u.s. 44,000 people are diagnosed with candy -- pancreatic cancer and 37,000 die from the disease. i spoke with the menu is fighting it and beating the odds -- a woman who is fighting the cancer and beating the odds. >> is assistant principal went to the hospital in april of 2003. >> he told me i had pancreatic cancer. i had no knowledge of it. >> doctors told her they were after move at least 80% of her pancreas. >> i called my husband and i was very upset. i cried and cried out. >> the average survival time is only five months. it is extremely difficult to detect early. >> by the time symptoms are noted by the patient, it is to a dance. >> this surgical oncologist at sinai and professor at johns hopkins hospital explain that adele had tumors in your endocrine glands, which is a rare form of the pancreatic cancer. the good news is that people with this kind of pancreatic cancer can to survive much longer. a dell had surgery to remove that tumors from her pancreas, but she later saw them in her liver -- but when she later got them in her liver, doctors used what is called a cyber lif
at -- the potential to people and not details. he is accused of using his influence to benefit shoppers food warehouse while on the company's payroll as a consultant. keeping your babysitter -- two doctor says you can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. and a 19 follow up. the emergency ruling designed to keep a potentially dropped out of maryland. >> the tea party is not the only group against the tax in the state. are making the case for something everyone else's against. "there is some heavy rain to the south moving into the mid- atlantic again. the forecast is straight ahead. i now it is mild and 62 at the airport. 66 degrees downtown. 66 degrees downtown. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> the state sen
. there is growing international concern over the circumstances surrounding his death. both the you in a u.s. have weighed in. the u.n. is calling for an investigation of the u.s. is asking for a full accounting. nato, which launched the air strike, has said it is going to end its operation next weekend. celebrations are continuing through the weekend. they are hoping to build up for tomorrow. the senior leaders of the transitional council will formally declare the liberation of libya. >> the transitional council also says it will hold elections for a constitutional assembly within eight months of liberation and parliamentary and presidential elections a year after that. the death of muammar gaddafi could speed up the return of maggie van dyke. he went to libya to witness history. he ended up in history and then fighting alongside the boat rebels. >> matthew vandyke's mother says he is doing well. he could be home in south baltimore in the next couple of weeks. >> i do not want to say i am glad it happened, but i am glad libya is free of him. it also means that you will be coming home. >> not long
joins us live in the studio with a look at her legacy. >> pat modell knew a few things about the spotlight. a major tv star in the 1950's and 1960's, she gave up a starring role in it general hospital for a role she clearly love, that of mrs. art modell, a wife and mother. she had a significant impact on two towns, cleveland and baltimore. she married in 1969, stepped out of the spotlight and said goodbye to television to raise her family. she came to baltimore with a focus on contributing. she let her family's philanthropic efforts in health care, education and art, and theater, served on a number of nonprofit boards. mrs. modell also served on cut the boards of dozens and dozens of organizations. >> she put her imprint in a way that only the people in the organizations could probably describe to you. little people, big people, blue- collar workers, battered women, children, she loved children. she worshipped children. that kind of passion, combined with her grace, her class, is such a model that i don't know how we will replicated. i really don't. >> quite a legacy. with th
. a candlelight vigil included speeches, singing, and prayer. and 11 news reporter was there and joins us live in the studio. >> organizers of the vigil said their ultimate goal is to get as many people as possible to understand the domestic violence, holds no boundaries and speaking up to saving someone's life. >> age 30. >> the names of 31 people called off one by one. >> tina blanford, age 50. >> they are all maryland victims of domestic violence, and who were killed by the perpetrators over the last year. >> we want to remember the memory of them. and it also helps to bring awareness to the issue that the domestic violence is very real. it is happening in our communities, and it knows no boundaries. >> family members, counselors, and others gathered at the bel air armory to light a candle and take care for people that did not get help in time. >> i am a survivor. >> she did not give details about her three years in an abusive relationship, but she says getting help helped her life. she says a non-profit organization that helps out -- that reaches out to victims that have no also to turn. >
. >> and they say they are just getting started. >> u.s. treasury secretary tim geithern says rich and emerging nations support europe as it deals with a massive debt crisis. he says that europe has the financial capability to handle this crisis. >> the imf has an arsenal of financial resources and we would support for the use of existing resources to supplement a comprehensive and well designed european strategy, alongside a more substantial commitment of european resources. finance ministers have faced pressure to find a solution to the crisis crippling greece. newly release campaign finance reports show that millions of dollars raised by some republican presidential candidates. mitt romney and rick perry have raised more than $30 million combined. herman cain has more than $1 million left in the bank. $700,000.urum raised he spent $750,000. educationt's report, marylanders teacher of the year. joshua parker was given the award by the interim the state superintendent and the governor anthony brown. he will compete for the national teacher of the year award in april. congratulations. andrew so
reed joins us with more. >> how white he did not get much national attention, but most historians would say that without him, the civil rights movement would have been much different. a local pastor tells us about his friendship and this time is spent in baltimore. >> he would have been right here. >> harold carter senior remembers fred shuttles worth. shuttlesworth was a guest preacher and a lifelong friend. >> he believed that segregation was dead wrong. he not only believe in it, but he believed his call to ministry what to do something about it. >> the first became a pastor in birmingham, alabama, in 1953. he was a powerful force against racial injustice. >> what he was doing in birmingham was not always with a spotlight on him, but he was marching against segregated patterns. >> at a time when segregation and jim crow strangle the south. he organized countless marches, demonstrations, and sit in separate pieces by two bombings, a beating, and was sent to jail many times. the form the southern christian leadership conference. he was called one of the nation but the most courageous f
the cdc is recommending that boys also get vaccinated against the hpv virus. kai reed joins us live in the studio with this medical alert. >> the hpv vaccine was first recommended for girls several years ago. federal officials say the vaccine is safe and effective. still, some parents are skeptical. the new recommendation came from the cdc advisory panel. now boys, not only girls, should be routinely vaccinated against hpv. it is best known for causing circle cancer but can also calls penile,, and cervical cancer. at thecristina o'connor wonder center for women's help explain stethpv is extremely common. -- explains that hpv is extremely common. the cdc's recommendation is that all 11 to 12-year-olds get vaccinated before they are sexually active. emily's daughter kris was given the vaccine when she was 20 years old in 2008. >> 10 years later the police came to my door and told me that they had found her dead in her bed at college. >> emily says that chris had complained of feeling dizzy and tired before she died. >> how does a healthy girl suddenly die in her bed? >> although the a
of the southwest. and because we have no clouds in the sky, this is keeping us milder. the clouds are advancing from the west ahead of the next storm system. it's clear on the shore and the clouds have over taken the west part of the state. and high pressure is in control, and a cold front moving in. and sparking showers in illinois and back in lower michigan. and will be pushing into maryland tomorrow morning. early on it will stay dry but more clouds. and the western mountains will be first to see the showers. and that could pop up in the early afternoon. and a slight chance for showers in central maryland, the latter half the day. and dry conditions on ocean city and the eastern shore as that front passes by the north. and we head south to where the ravens will playing in jacksonville. and the temperatures will be mild for the game, and that's on the cool side for florida this time of year. and head back to our portion, and the clouds head into the night and rain chances are tomorrow. isolated if anything, not a wash-out for the day. and keep that in mind. and then it moves offshore. and wai
right where you are using our interactive radar. just go to our website and click on whether. 13 americans were killed today by a suicide bomber in kabul. we are in kabul tonight. >> of very volatile else saturday here in afghanistan -- a very volatile saturday here in afghanistan. a car bomber targeted a nato convoy, in the end, hitting up bus carrying u.s. service members. the bomber was able to kill 13 americans and four afghans, three civilians and one afghan police officer. this is the biggest attack we have seen in the capital since mid september. an afghan service member turned his weapon onto nato service members killing three australians as well as their afghan interpreters. this comes just days before the is double conference is supposed to take place in turkey, -- is stan ball -- istanbul conference is supposed to take place in turkey, talking about the future of afghanistan. >> question tonight. did the october snow bring occupy wall street protesters inside? that story from new york, coming up. >> the search is over. the investigation continues. there are a l
in the area. there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. it is a big concern for us. >> described as a commercial- style van with black bumpers. >> it had no rear windows and it had no windows on the driver's side. >> police center calls to residents warning about them what happened in canvas to the neighborhood. several neighbors reported seeing a similar van over the weekend. they are reviewing safety tips with their children. >> i try not to scare them. there are a lot of bad people. >> we do a stranger teacher -- danger. >> anyone who may have seen the van is often called the harbor county sheriff's office. >> a baltimore jury has ruled that the state of maryland was negligent in preventing an inmate's murder. three corrections officers were found negligent and another was not negligent in the slang of philip parker jr.. rewarded his estate $18.5 million. the obligation for negligence is limited to $200,000. police are investigating a murder in northeast baltimore. he was found dead on the -- just after 5:00. police say the victim died of blunt force trauma. her identity has n
of a motive but it appears to be a robbery attack -- attempt. >> i used this drudge premature daily. i am definitely walking around, looking around every corner. i do not know what will happen. >> people were kept inside nearby buildings while investigators look for evidence. there hospital remains operational. drivers waited to retrieve their cars more than an hour. >> i told him i would be back. >> i was disturbed. my daughter is up there. it is something terrible. >> there are surveillance cameras in the area. police are not confirming if there were cameras posted inside. >> police are looking for an inmate who escaped custody. take a look at this photo. he was arrested for an armed robbery yesterday but escape today while being transported. police consider him armed and dangerous. if you know his whereabouts you're asked to call 911. the search for missing md. oe has expanded to charlotte, north carolina. that is where investigators found a car associated with a disappearance. india's a spot where they rested his stepfather. we have more on the amber alert. >> people are -- police are
's lives and made the city better. >> is nice to come support art. it is good for us to be here. >> we want to make sure that they know how much their family means to us. >> is a sad moment, but also a celebration of her life. we are glad to be here. >> they carried her casket for a private service. a woman that have given so much in demand some much for so many people. >> it was like a second bomb. i have known them for over 16 years. to lose someone is close, every time she saw me, she would grace be with a kiss. tell me how much she loved me and thanks for being her son. it is hard, because you lose someone. >> you can see more pictures from her career and links to the charity that she supported on our web site. click on "local news. officials are trying to find out what sparked a fire. people were called around 9:15. investigators say one person jump from a second story window. no word on how badly if that person was hurt at all. the man connected to the disappearance of robyn gardner remains in jail tonight. officials presume the frederick woman is dead. he denies any wrongdoing and cl
used to always do. >> police said they had to -- police say they have some encouraging leads but no arrests have been making. >> the detectives are confident that somebody out there knows what is done. >> she does not know if she will reach closure, but she makes an emotional plea to anyone who can help make the healing process start. >> maybe somebody will remember somebody coming out of here at that time. maybe somebody will realize what they saw. maybe this will bring back a memory. >> the family will gather in his memory tomorrow night. reporting live in the 11 newsroom, wbal tv news. >> tonight baltimore county police say two men stormed into a royal farm store on joppa road. officials of 11 days after leaving the store, the gunmen also robbed a patron in the parking lot. >> it is kind of scary. you never know what will happen to you. >> i feel very lucky because i had my check in my pocket as well. >> the injured customer is expected to survive. if you have any information on the robbery, you are asked to call baltimore county police. >> you may not like the speed camer
audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place. join us in making the road more intelligent by taking the pledge at ♪ ♪ >> al: as we come back, the officials had a discussion. they ruled the ball down at the 1 yard line. we want to show you something. this is called -- it was into the end zone. it comes back out. but if the ball hits the goal line, it's a touchback. >> cris: even though he comes in and re-establishes both feet down. we're going to get a challenge now. >> al: baltimore should have the ball at the 20 yard line. they're seeing the same thing we're seeing. >> cris: it's easy to do. he gets both feet re-estabilshed despite the fact he was in the goal line. >> referee: the ruling on the field is first touched by the kicker at the 1 yard line is being challenged by baltimore. >> al: so when mike goes over the hood and seize the ball hit the goal line, it will come to the 20. 's faster, thinner and lighter. and with the power of verizon connected almo let's say you want to download a bestseller at the beac
their pads down and us trying to make a play. it's been a staple of our offense. probably the last nine or ten games and it's no surprise winning those games. >> michele: aaron, congratulations. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, aaron, thanks, michele. packers 5-op. it only other unbeaten team is the lions 4-0 who play tomorrow night against the bears. tony dungy your reaction to tonight's game, coach? >> i thought it was a great job by the packers and cris and al talked about the defensive adjustments that they made, but i thought aaron rodgers was spectacular tonight. you heard him talk about staying patient when they got down and i thought he really did that. they had to kick field goals. jermichael finley dropped a potential touchdown pass. he didn't force things. he didn't take chances. he stayed within the offense and got them rolling in the second half. i thought he was tremendous. >> it's a pass happy league now. we all know that, tony. but, today, the steelers and the patriots were helped by their ground games. >> they really were. and i thought really, really cri
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